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Hi, my name is Bryn Smith, my nickname is The Brynster!, I started trading on ebay in 1999 under the username Brynpossible. I have traded in all manner of items but mostly i like to buy and sell toys from my childhood and their more modern versions. Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, M.A.S.K., Centurions, The A-Team, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars and many more including Lego. As i child i had a great passion for Lego and now i'm all grown up with a child of 5 at home and the Lego fascination has begun again (Any excuse eh!). I have collected alot of used lego over the years and have been trying to complete vintage sets for my son to play with. But i have alot of extras that i doubt i will be using so i have opened a shop on BrickLink to offer these parts to you. My shop is called 'Pick-A-Brick Allsorts' (word play on the popular bassetts sweets) as i have a variety of different, rare, and older bricks and parts. My fascination: I like to create custom minifigures and i'm currently working on some of the Masters of the Universe characters. I have googled a few people who have done some MOTU customs and i am hoping to do a little better, using more original Lego parts and colours and less stickers. It costs alot to collect the parts required but i think my efforts are paying off so far. I hope to keep you posted on my achievements. Thanks for taking the time to read my page. All the best, Bryn
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