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Hi all. My name is Paul and I have been a Lego fan all my life. I am now 29 years old and still loving every minute of it!!! I have only come back into the Lego fold in the last year since I found out that everything I played with as a kid is now very collectable. Since then I have been gathering up bits and pieces that have a particular interest or meaning to me. My first set was the Lego Medical Centre 6364 - now part of my new collection.

I find the fantastic thing about the Classic Lego ranges was the variety available to the buyer and the detail that went into each set. The colours and vibrancy of each set made collecting and building such a joy. At 29 it still has the same appeal.

I have a secret ambition to set up a Lego town somewhere in the house as I did when younger.

My particular interest is in the Legoland town sets of the late 70's and early 80's but will dabble into Space, Train and Castle for a bit of variety.

My shop was set up as a way of passing on parts and sets to other members that I have either no interest in or just to many of. I hope you enjoy your visit to my shop and if you buy anything, thanks and I know it goes to someone who is part of the extended Lego family. Happy shopping.

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