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hi to all out there i am a real lego fan. i am in to lego in a big way. i don't like making things out of movies. like starwars and harry potter. i make things that come out of my head and are crazy looking things. all my parts that i sell are used as little as i can. i like to keep them as new as i can. i keep the brick in tubes to shop them getting badly marked. i don't like to deal with re-seller because some are not real fans. i do get a lot of bricks from the lego shops all over london and i am the one who made the uk. youtube video on the pick a brick cup. i sound like i have a cold all the time it's the job that i do in the day. i don't mind any emails at any time i am very fair man and if you are after any used bricks. or any bricks you are on the look out for from the walls i have a over 200.000 bricks and plates myself 90% are used. this is a up date if you are after parts for train set like 10233 and more train parts i will have them later in the new year. 10233 parts are new parts from sets. HI TO ALL i do have tons of parts at this time it says 1 of each. if you are after 2x4 brick email me what you need in used bricks. 100 plus please bob hi to all I will be selling a lot more in the new year. I will be number 1 in the uk soon for selling 2x4 on bricklink. if you are after 1 of 10.000 i can get them i just need time. i am slowing down so i can do my new brick bays. it's a low cost way of doing it. i put a video on youtube some time. HI a big new up date i have 100.000 new used parts that's not been listed yet because i am making racking for them i have been stopped so many times in the shops all over the place it's ok i don't mind taking to all you lego fans. there's 2 fan in london rob and dew i get on with a lot bob
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