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If only Lego was a full time job...for now I teach Art to pay the bills! I am one of the founding members of I LUG NY, a LUG for Lower NY and the Tri-State aria. Please contact me if your 18 or over and if you would like to become a member! Our websit is ILUGNY.org, stop by to find out more about the LUG, or to find out when and where the next meeting is. I played with Lego as a kid and into my early teens. My 'Dark Age' was from about 1994-1999. I started collecting Lego in 1999, when I first discovered two of my favorite childhood toy lines merged, Lego and Star Wars. As I began to collect Lego Star Wars sets, I stated building again. The hobby slowly began to take over... I opened my Bricklink store to provide quality parts and sets at good prices, and to make some money to spend on more Lego. I take pride in my customer service, and attention to detail when listing items for sale.
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