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ooOoo what to put in this section where it doesn't make me seem like I am putting up a Personal Ad?


I guess I will start with the basics...

HI! I am TRICIA . Yes, that is like PATRICIA just with out the P-A before it. (apparently if you are ever in Chat, I also respond to Babs, James, C3-Peto Trillian, Peto or Babyfeeto)

I am 27 years old and am currently living in Brunswick, Ga.

I have been collecting minifigures since I was 16 and have Almost 400 of them. (I know, I KNOW... not that many. but I am working on it!!! Sheesh) :-)

My absolute favorite of the minifigs are the Batman ones. I also enjoy collecting "Custom" ones.

Apart from my "LEGO©" interest... I am an aspiring photographer and scuba diver.

If you would like to know any more info about me please visit...


(hint hint... I am also on Facebook... if you CAN find me...)

I occasionally have been known to take a picture here or there of my collection... You can check it out at:


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