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My name is Armando and I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I moved to Europe 15 years ago and lived in different countries, the latest Slovenia (Ljubljana) and Slovakia (Bratislava). I have friends all over Europe and I'm glad to connect with Lego fans.

When I was 5 years old I used to call the Lego warehouse based in Manaus (Amazonia) at that time (as many other companies back then) every single day for over 2 weeks in order to ask when they could send the Lego Spyrius Saucer Centurion (6939-1) to my city. Well, they never did but I hope to get it on BL one day.

My 1st sets were the Magic Shop (6020-1) and the international Jetport (6396) which are still reasons for complain among the family about why my mom gave it away to my cousin :D I wish I could have those sets back one day :)

Last year, 2017, I suffered a severe accident and being permanently unable to play and compose with my electric guitar (which was my main interested for nearly 20 years), I rediscovered Lego as a way of stress relief and healing. At the moment my favorite minifigs are the Corn Cob Guy which became a sort of lucky charm after my accident and It is always in my pocket, along with the new promotional Banana man :D

As a Lego Fan and an avid online shopper, I am aware how trust is essential and how we love to get exactly what we order or when things goes even better than we expected. Due to that, I create this store with the intention to provide a great customer experience. It couldn't be different: I sell bricks to buy bricks and often I put a few items with very low price either because I don't need them for my MOCs or because I have too many of them after diving in the stores' clearance :D It is also possible I am in need of extra cash every now and then :D

If you read until the end, I must thank you.


For any questions, you can always reach me at: armandotx@gmail.com

My instagram is: @corn_man_adventures

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