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It's always better from my perspective to get a good deal on shipping, meaning it's more financially effective to order a few items, or a bigger item.

At the bottom of this page there is the link to the list of sets I am currently looking for. You can organize the list by themes, number of pieces, year of issue etc. If you have one or a few of them in your inventory, let me know - maybe we can make a deal beneficial for both of us.

The sets should be new - MISB or MIB. I can consider a used set of older LEGO models (last millennium, before 90's) in excellent condition, i.e. all original and clean blocks (no fading, discoloration, rugged edges, stains etc.), original instruction manual, original box. Stickers (if applicable) should be either removed from blocks or left in place, however the new sticker sheet must be provided. I understand that the booklet and the box could show some wear, but should not be torn, glued, bent etc. Blocks should be perfect.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Click here to see the list of sets I would like to buy

NOTE: the list of wanted sets are on Brickset.com, but ALL sets are also in my Wanted Lists on BrickLink (however there is no facility yet to make those BrickLink wanted lists visible to potential sellers). Well: technicalities. To view my main profile on Brickset.com click here.

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