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Adam CiesielskiHi! My name is Adam Ciesielski. I am a Polish MD. I had worked in South Africa for 27 years, but recently moved back to my mother country - Poland.

My son and I have been collecting LEGO for over 20 years. We are collectors by passion!

My hobby goes further than collecting sets. I used to participate in various events organised by an exclusive LEGO retailer in South Africa, Kiddiwinks. The heart is growing when one observes kids creating LEGO structures in minutes! In my understanding, this beautiful and unique toy is just about that: inspiration, self-assurance, satisfaction, invention. It's clearly depicted in "The LEGO Movie" - by watching it one can comprehend the dissimilarity between crave for control and letting the mind go free. Don't we see enough of examples of power-maniacs around, in our neighborhoods, places of work, contries, the entire world - even families? Well, LEGO teaches different, which one can experience instantaneously by providing children with the cleverly designed plastic bricks.

On the other hand, fascination of adults with LEGO facinates me in turn. LEGO constructions have been taken to new heights (themes like Sculptures, Modular Buildings, Architecture). It expands into Cuusoo/Ideas project that subsequently provides inspiration for LEGO-employed designers. In other words, the product starts belonging to everyone - a noble notion of sharing, needed so much by the globe population nowadays.

Enthused by rare characteristics of supposedly simple toy, I collect enthusiastically, trying to spread the passion for lateral thinking, open-mindedness, progress, collaboration, proactivity etc. - add to the list of values that LEGO gives you personally.

My favourite themes: Technic, Castle, Pirates, Sculptures, Modular Buildings, Star Wars UCS, more. We also painstakingly build collection for our "Minifigure and Figure Wall", which would contain not only collectable and singular minifigures, but also small sets of various themes that offer some background scenery to the minifigures and buildable figures (often referred to as "constraction toyline").

I am currently looking for number of sets, which you can view under My Wanted Lists, to see items I am currently interested in buying.

You can also view the list of sets that we have on Brickset. The sets that we have assembled and kept assembled are not actually listed under under that list - the collection list consists of:

  1. All MISB sets that we posses (about 95% of the collection);
  2. Used sets that were dis-assembled, cleaned, packed into original LEGO boxes (about 5% of the collection). We also removed all stickers and provided new, original LEGO stickers' sheets for such sets. One can say those are "IB" sets.

As our collection is sizeable, we are currently thinking how to make use of it, i.e. where to assemble and display it. We are looking for good ideas, proposals or cooperation in a big task to make use of one of the biggest accumulation of MISB LEGO sets.

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