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My name is Joseph. I am the single owner and manager of Castle of Bricks.


I've been a LEGO enthusiast from a very young age. I still remember when I got my first set 6518 Baja Buggy as a gift for being a ring bearer in someone's wedding when I was six years old. Since then the collection has gone everywhere. (Yes, I still have that Baja Buggy) When the knight's Kingdom 1 series started I fell in love with castle stuff and castle has been my favorite theme ever since, hence the store name. I especially love the older Legoland castle theme and forestmen sets. My newest favorite set is the AFoL Lowenstein Castle design. I have one on my shelf with an epic bridge and adjoining tower addition that I designed and added on.


I'm also a fluent Hebrew speaker, and have spent countless hours studying and teaching the special Hebrew language. I have also written a series of Hebrew study books called "Hebrew from the Very Beginning". You can find the books on amazon or at my website, hebrewfromtheverybeginning.com The reason that my store is often closed is that I'm of so busy with teaching Hebrew. Whenever I do have the time, I'm there for you. :) Feel free to communicate with me in Hebrew anytime. Thanks for reading!
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