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Hello to everybody! I am Federico from Italy... I have always been a super Lego Fan... In the last few years, after discovering in my parents' attic 114 vintage sets with boxes (even if all mixed up eheheh) I started hunting down ALL Castle and Classic Town sets in their (European) boxes (not MISB...so my collection can be defined as a Back in Box collection) for the period 1978-2000. I also collect the USA versions that have a different code (i.e. 588 vs 381) and US exclusives (575, 590 etc. etc.). I am not far from achieving the first goal (a full set of 1978-1988 castle and town sets) even if I am missing several value packs and some hard to find sets! I am very picky when I check the sets...I try, to the best of my knowledge, to complete them with the right bricks from the correct age (hollow torsos, full back pegs etc etc) I DEFINITELY LOVE VINTAGE LEGO SETS...They take me back to the old good times when I was a happy child! My favourite sets are 375/6075 1592 and 1589! Ciao FEDERICO
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