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Hello everyone!
As you can see, I'm now established as a quality seller of USED and NEW LEGO... It all started with me buying a small tub of bricks in Yellow, Tan and a little Red at my local car boot sale.
After some searching on Ebay, I managed to find that it was a Naboo Fighter (set 7141)
Eventually, after some buying of LEGO off Ebay, I discovered BL...
I have been busy, collecting and gathering parts to build most of the UCS SW sets and the Modular houses, with a couple of 'unique' sets thrown in....
I'm now 45, still married, and still have 3 kids, now all getting on, and I now have 1 dog and 3 cats.
I'm not interesting enough to keep you all entertained, and so, after you have read this ME page, why not pop into my store and check out my 'Surplus UK Bricks?'....


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