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My first Lego set was an X1 Patrol Craft in 1980 and since then, I've gotten hooked on Lego. I had almost every classic space set plus many more. When I started high school, my free time shrank and eventually I stopped buying new Lego sets or playing with them.

Skip to 1998 I had finished college and was working which meant I had money to spend. By chance I looked at Lego while shopping at a store for a cheap desk, I spotted a Lego Pneumatic submarine 8250 and once again I was back into Lego for a few more years. Sadly I had to stop in 2001 when I lost my job and had no income. Eventually Lego got put away to make room when I moved to my Parent's house. Eventually Lego were forgotten.

July 2010, a string of lucky garage sale fine included 4404 for free (missing few pieces), 8386 complete for $2 US, and 8381 box opened but never used or assembled for $3. Woof. Later I made the mistake of looking at Lego while looking for DVDs at Toys R Us, my inner child came back with vengeance and I ended up buying 7938 and 7939 train sets.

I've been back into Lego since then and picking up lots more parts to build more train. I'm also trying to get my Monorail set back together but tweaked to use classic Blue and trans-Yellow parts.

My favorite sets are the classic space sets. The modern space sets have a meh factor so I'll pass on them. I also loved medieval sets as well and had almost complete Forestmen sets.

I plan to build a custom steam engine, add in more variety of cars for the train, have a small farm subsection with lots of chickens (my mother loves chickens) and have Thundercats themed sets as well.

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