About Me Pages: About TomHop (2021)

Hi, welcome to me!

the 8889 technic idea book was my favorite inspiration when I was a kid.
In it, there was a bulldozer that I loved, but couldn't quite build because I did not have the 2 3145 tipper endings that define the bucket so nicely.

After some years in darkness I refound my lego collection, and the 8889 book, the quest for 3145s on the internet had begun...

After several years of buying way more than a couple of tipper endings I decided to open my store, as many did before me, to support my refound hobby. Off course the tipper ending just had to be the logo of the store

Besides technic I also enjoy the classic space town and train themes, mainly from the 80s

I take great pride in quality communication, before, during and after orders, quotes, questions, etc.
All orders are important, small large, high value or not, rare or not. I have placed many orders myself, and received many varieties of bricks in different qualities, sometimes well described, sometimes not, I find 99% of the cases there was a difference in expectation good communication set things straight again.

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