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I collect and trade rare/non-production parts, see below for parts that I have available for trading.
Feel free to send me questions or trade offers.
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I am currently only interesting in trading for non-production parts (see below for specific parts). Everything in the images above is available for trade, everything listed in my store is also available for trade. Additionally, I have every Star Wars minifigure in my private collection that I am also willing to use as part of a trade.
I am mostly interested in the following parts:
  • 2x6 Brick
  • 2x4 Brick
  • 1x2 Plate
  • 1x1 Plate
  • 1x1 Plate, Round
  • DUPLO 2x2 Brick
  • DUPLO 2x4 Brick
  • Designer Color Palette 2x2 Tiles (with ID)
I will be updating this page regularly, so check back soon!
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30 August 2023
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