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I've loved (my - yes it was invented especially for me! only joking.) Lego from an early age, it helped that my lovely mum worked as a Merchandiser for Lego from when I was about 8 to about 14. I must have had just about every set available in Australia at the time and had every kid in the neighbourhood jealous, especially when the 12-volt trains sets arrived in Australia about 1983. Wish I still had those great 12-volt Train sets now, more fun than today's battery powered trains that don't have all the great powered accessories, for example, remote control level crossings and the like. I'd love to buy 12-volt train set 7740 from BrickLink or eBay. A bit hard to justify spending $450 on a 30+-year-old toy, though. I remember mum ordering Lego off these huge ordering books for the stores she looked after and a courier would arrive at home once a week to deliver the stores she managed inventory/orders to Lego Head Office in Sydney. Then 3 or 4 weeks the Lego was shipped to Australia and eventually arrived in stores, where my mum would set up the display area the Lego occupied in that store. So if you ever wondered why Lego shelves in toy stores and places like Kmart were nearly always empty back in early 80's this is why. How technology has changed the supply chain over the last 30 years! Almost instantly you buy a product that store's inventory changes instantly, then the system orders directly to Lego. I guess my mum's old job would be redundant from this progress. I stopped or outgrown Lego at about 15 when more adult pursuits took centre stage. Now in my mid 40's I've been very ill and I brought a few Lego sets for something to do and that old feeling of Lego in the blood returned and now that I can no longer work I'm hoping to turn my hobby into something more. I now have my spare bedroom set up similarly to how my bedroom looked back in 1983, Lego Town with an Airport with it's own Fire Station and Cargo, one extra Fire station at the other end of town, a huge police station, School, housing of all different kinds (Creator, Friends, Minecraft and Ninjango).A railway line that runs around the town, beside the Airport with a freight line to a coal mine and an extension to the dinning area for those stressed Minifigs that need a holiday. I'm finding today's Lego vehicles just too big to into the roads, which is a good segway into my next paragraph. I'm amazed by how much Lego has changed since I was an early teenager to now. just looking at the range available now compared to the early 80's. Bionicle, Chimira, Ninjago, Friends, Creator (I love the colours this product line and Friends has brought into the Lego palette), Star Wars, and the list goes on. My illness includes some long hospital stays, The Lego Movie is usually on one of the movie channels and I have to watch it. Amazing movie that is very relatable even for adults and non Lego people. Please visit my Bricklink store and I hope you like what's on offer and help me out with a purchase or two. If you have any questions please let me know. My prices are not set in stone so if you think something that you'd like is priced too high please let me know? Also if you spend over AU$20 I will send you a coupon for 10% off your next purchase (up to AU$10). Peace and love to you all :) Travis Denmead ThunderBolt Toys
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