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Life long fan of Lego, and now a huge adult fan of Technic. I still enjoy some other sets such as certain architecture, modulars, and a few others, but I really love & admire technic. My husband, known to many as Crowkillers, is the one who got me back into Lego. On our first date(July 14, 2003), I had to go to Toys R Us to get a gift for a friend's daughter and on the way out we walked down the Lego aisle. We looked at the sets and I turned & said to him 'They don't make Lego like they used to.' He simply said, 'You have no idea.' A few days later I was at his house & he introduced me to a side of Lego I had never seen growning up. He builds his own custom technic supercars and when I saw what he could do & how good he was at it, I was hooked. We have traveled around to a few of the various Lego conventions on the east coast & love meeting other builders. He has been a buyer here on Brick Link for 10 years. So, to keep myself busy while he is building, I opened my own store and now our house has twice the amount of Lego in it than before. :) Thank you!!! ~Amanda Keep up to date with my store on Facebook: www.facebook.com/technicpanda
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