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http://www.steinaufstein-shop.de/s/cc_images/cache_2342238.jpg Hey Folks,
welcome to Stein auf Stein. We are a single brick seller located in Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany. We have all parts and minifigs from new sets since release date. You also find in our store used rare parts from old sets. Here you can see our team and some of our projects we build.
http://www.steinaufstein-shop.de/s/cc_images/cache_2744409.jpg?t=1379926767 Name:
Max Reinhold


MOC Themes:
Super Heroes
LOTR, Hobbit
http://www.steinaufstein-shop.de/s/cc_images/cache_2744428.jpg?t=1379926783 Name:
Michael Stallmann

New goods receipt

MOC Themes:
Modular Buildings
World War II
Images of our present Projects are coming soon

visit us on www.steinaufstein-shop.de

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