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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…
No! wait.. ;))))

In late 1979 (maybe 80..) I've got Classic Space 918 as a Christmas gift.
At the same time in Poland there was premiere of Star Wars: Episode IV.

I was 7 years old then. Boy, like me, behind 'iron curtain of communism' in Europe was separate from many possibilities. So..
..all my free time I was spending on playing, rebuilding, creating new versions of my lunar base (keeping in mind Star Wars story).

No family money for kids toys (no more sets!) pushed me to be more and more creative.
Thanks to very few LEGO bricks and exploding imagination combine with creativity I've learned how to solve problems, how to made bypasses and do plans.

LEGO made me better.

Now, after 42 years of 'takeing care of my future' ..
..I decided to start building my forgotten (but still) dreamed lunar base,
using mix of sets; classic 918 & 924, new 75312 & 75302 and lot of bricks bought here - old, used and new one.
Adventure just started: HERE
Story is ready! place of action: wardrobe of my office, somewhere in Poland, so.. keep finger crossed ;)

Stay tuned!
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