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My Name is Jody, I am an AFOL from Rome, Italy.
I was born in 1979, and I started playing with Legoland city in 1983. I had a lot of sets those days like police stations, fire stations, hospitals, houses, a lot of nice stuff.
I kept on playing with LEGO City until 1989 when pirates came out. That day I knew I wanted them. And every birthday or Christmas I only asked LEGO Pirates. I had a huge collection back then.
I kept on buying LEGO as an adult, I subscribed here in 2006 (even if this account is newer, it's not my first one, I had one with a friend before) after years of buying via ebay. I have more than 5000 minifigures nowadays.
In 2009 I was gifted with the Lego Castle from Fantasy Era for my 30th birthday and it was fantastic. I then went back into LEGO full time, subscribed to a LUG and startet attending LEGOfests all over the world.

I attend several LEGOfest every year, I like to make Castle and Pirate MOCs, my hobby is a passion that is fueled by this amazing community.
You can write me in italiano, english, castellano or français. I will reply in italiano or english unless otherwise required.
Please feel free to write me for whatever reason, and I will try to reply shortly.

And this was one of the best days in my life:

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