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Greetings to all in this great community!

I am addicted to LEGO since the age of 5. My first set was the 610 police car and my only big set in the 70ies was the 351 building as a christmas gift.
My core collection is about Space and Technic. I was about 10 years, when this 2 areas started with some of the most beautiful sets that ever have been launched by LEGO.

My break was from the age of 14 to 30.

In 1999 I was fixed again by the 8880 super car, many other big technic sets followed.
In the meantime my collection increased by a lot of Star Wars, the late 60ies sets, the 70ies system sets and some trains.

I also like the new big buildings, but the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower need that much space, that I have to rearrange my cellar now.

I own somewhat around 1.500 sets with over 200.000 parts plus a lot of crates stuffed with spare parts and parts I do not need often.

In Winter 2018/19 I started to reduce my collection, so You may find some interesting stuff now in my store. Please feel free for any LEGO related contact, question etc. :-)
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