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Greetings to all in this great community!

I am addicted to LEGO since 1973. My first set was the 610 police car and my only big set in the 70ies was the 351 building as a christmas gift.
My core collection was about Space and Technic. I was about 10 years, when this 2 areas started with in my opinion some of the most beautiful sets that ever have been launched by LEGO.

My dark age was from 1982 til 1998.

In 1999 I was fixed again by the 8880 super car, many other big technic sets followed.
Til 2009 my collection increased by a lot of Star Wars, the late 60ies sets, the 70ies system sets and some trains. In the end it were 1.500+ sets.

I also like the modular buildings and LEGO idea.

In Winter 2018/19 I started to reduce my collection due to missing storage capabilities, so You may find some interesting stuff now in my store. Most of my Star Wars, Pirates, Harry Potter and Bionicle/RoboRider/Slizer is sold now, but a lot of classic space and older Technic sets and parts will follow soon. Please feel free for any LEGO related contact, question etc. :-)
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