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My name is Alex but I commonly go by the username ‘Poohbear’ on many forums such as From Bricks to Bothans.net, Eurobricks.com, Minifig Customization Network.com, etc. I chose ‘Poohbear’ as he was a childhood favorite of mine and is still special to me.

Anyway, my favorite LEGO theme is Star Wars. I love the films, books, comics, games, but practically anything Star Wars. That means you’ll be lucky to find anything Star Wars related in my shop unless I have a large surplus of it in my own collection. While Star Wars is my main LEGO theme, I grew up playing with the Town, Exteme Team, Castle, Ninja, Insectoids, and almost any other theme imaginable. The first few sets that were given to me from those themes are what I list in my store to fulfill my interest in newer Star Wars/Town sets.

Recently, I’ve been geared to making a ‘Prison Break’ prison set in the Star Wars universe. However I find myself having more fun ordering/customizing minifigs to make this project a reality that I think I’ll work on the ‘out-of-prison-escape’ mocs more! Other projects I’ve considered doing include a Cantina! I was inspired to try this project from what I read in Star Wars novels about the cleaner and seedier Cantinas compared to the Mos Eisly Cantina. Brickshelf has also brought me more inspiration thus I’m moving more towards the Cantina than the Prison.

Well that’s all for now! Talk to you later and feel free to browse my store; Long live Bricklink.com!

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