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On the offchance anyone reads this, here's my philosophy on feedback so you know ahead of time:

Feedback is what makes Bricklink work. So I treat it very seriously.

I am patient, within reason. If I know there are external circumstances delaying something, I will not hold those against you in my feedback. That said, as a rule I subscribe to "once is bad luck, twice is suspicious, three times is enemy action", and I expect that if there are delays at your end you will go to extra effort to keep people informed and minimise their negative impact on the other people to whom you have responsibilities, including me.

I prefer sellers to leave feedback as soon as my part of the transaction is complete - i.e. once I've paid my money. However, I understand that some people prefer to wait until they've dealt with any issues that may arise around shipping times, completion of sets, etc, and don't hold it against anyone.

I leave feedback once everything is complete, and focusing on the end outcome. If there is a problem and you fix it promptly and politely, the problem will not be recorded in the feedback. If a transaction has been overall positive but with a few minor glitches, I will leave positive feedback, but I will always record the glitches in the text so other people have a chance to spot any patterns.

My feedback will focus on the actual transaction. I will take into account our dealings before I place an order, such as when I ask for a shipping quote or check the condition of sets, but those are secondary to how the actual purchase goes.

If I'm leaving wholly positive feedback I will do so without consulting you.

If I am leaving qualified positive feedback, neutral feedback, or worse, you will already have had a chance to remedy the situation, and usually I will communicate directly with you beforehand to let you know what it's going to be. You will have a short window to comment on my remarks before I leave them, but you do not have a veto. I reserve the right to vary this policy and leave feedback without consultation at any time.

Finally, my feedback will always be factual. If there is a problem I will specify what THE PROBLEM was - something wrong with the order, some concrete action that was taken or omitted - and not make comments about people themselves. I expect others to do the same.

Thanks for reading - hope you agree that this is the best way to use feedback.

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