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My life wound up effectively destroyed due to some medical problems, which plunged me into a quarter million dollars worth of debt...lost my house...lost most of my stuff...had to live out of my car for awhile...not much fun overall. I'm just now starting to try and dig myself back out of the hole, although my medical problems still aren't completely fixed and I'm still chugging about 30 extra strength Tylenol a day to stave off the horrible migraines, but the good news is I might be able to get state medical coverage, which would really make my life a lot easier...although they're really dragging their feet on the whole application process. Anyway, because of present circumstances and the fact that I have no job and need to buy migraine medicine before I kill myself with Tylenol, I need to sell off most of my Lego collection. It's not something I really ~want~ to do, but it something I ~have~ to do.
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