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How everything has started...

I do not exactly remember then I have started with LEGO but I guess I have been 5 years old then I got my first LEGO set. This was in 1986.
In the next years I have collected a lot of LEGO. Mainly I had LEGO Technic and I had a lot of fun with MOCs in these days.
But then I have reached my dark ages with about 14 years. Playing with LEGO was really "uncool".

Restart with my own children...

Today I have three wonderful children born in 2005 (boy), 2008 (girl) and 2012 (boy).
All of them have started to play with DUPLO. My oldest son started also with 5 years with LEGO and he has more talent to build up things than I have every had.
Very quickly we have decided to clean all my old LEGO that he can play and build also with these sets. But his was not very familar with the old LEGO Technic system. The system today has much more possibilities and is more flexible. It has today all the parts I wished to have them in the past.
And so we have packed back again my old LEGO into a big box.

My children have favorite LEGO themes they play with:

  • Boy (2005): Technic and Star Wars
  • Girl (2008): Elves and Friens
  • Boy (2012): DUPLO in general

How we have started to sell parts...

One day my oldest son wanted to build the Millenium Falcon. But the price of 2.500 EUR for a used set was (and is still) to much money to spent.
He tried to build up the Millenium Falcon with a printed copy of the instruction and by means of his parts. Already after 3 images he stopped and was frustrated - parts were missing.
Few time later in 2014 he came to me with an Aircraft from LEGO city and said: "Please sell this, I do not need it anymore and with the money we can buy the first parts for the next 30 pictures."
We have sold his set and bought his first parts. I thought about selling my old LEGO, too because I found out that the prices for these sets are quite good at the moment. To make my life easier I have programmed my own database to store my parts.
And now it was time to spent the first money to buy an old bulk of LEGO. We have received it, cleaned it, sorted it and stocked it. Complete sets have been directly sold.
And with this profit we bought the next parts for the Millenium Falcon and we have re-invested into a bulk.

Already after one and a half year the Millenium was completed for him. Not all parts are in original or have the right color - but he has a lot of fun.
My daughter got in the meantime the Taj Mahal. It was also impressive for her to build it up.

And starting with 01-Jan-2016 we have registered a company. Because it's today a little bit more than only buying/selling for hobby. And in Germany it's easy for anybody to proceed against someone if they see our activities.
A few weeks ago we have also started with selling new sets and new parts.
All the children help today what they can do: washing parts, sorting parts, stock the parts, assemble the used sets to be sure they are completed, preparing the deliveries.

What about the future...

Maybe you are wondering why I have not yet written about my wife? We're married and we're happy. But my wife does not like LEGO. She accepts our hobby, but she don't want to share it with us (today? :-) ).
At the moment I have a fantastic job - I am a global account manager. I am selling packaging machines world wide escpecially for the Medical Device Industry. My job give me a lot of possibilities to see other countries and learn a lot about other cultures.
Other passions of our family is preparing food, red wine and spending holidays mainly in Spain with a tent.

I have no idea what we will do in the future. Maybe we will increase our activities and expand to also other toys. But this is really future.

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