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I loved playing with Lego bricks as a kid, but when I was in my teens, I sold all my Lego and stopped collecting. Now in my 30's, I started collecting Lego again. The main themes that I like are Classic Space, Castle (including Forestmen), Pirates and City and a little bit of trains. Most of the items I collect are from the 80s & 90s
I love building things with Lego, together with my son. Whether it's building a Lego set or a moc, we're in for it. If you want to follow us on youtube, where we do hauls, build sets and other things, you can find us here

I've been around long enough and enjoy reading up about Lego history, so I know the difference between like classic grey and light bluish grey, thus the Lego bricks that I list in my store are color correct (though I am human, and can make some mistakes; in that case, contact me and we will work on a solution).

I just started my store in March 2018, so my rating isn't that high yet, but as you can see, all are praises.
Once the payment is done, the products are usually shipped the same day as the payment arrives, sometimes the day after (on Sunday the post office is closed and we cannot send parcels). We are honest (bricks that look like new, but are used to build a set will be listed as used, not as new) in our products and its description.
To us it doesn't matter if you order for a cent or for 100+ euro or dollar, all orders are just as important to us and will be handled with great care.
  • Positive feedback
  • High quality bricks (unless stated otherwise in the product description)
  • Quick order processing
  • Quick shipping (once payment is done)
  • Good customer service
  • Competative prices
these are the things we aim for at NetherlandsBricks.
We care about our planet as well, so won't send a print-out along with your order and we try not to use too many zip-lock bags (and we may recycle bags).

If you've ordered in my store, or will order in my store, thank you!
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