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About Me
- Bulgarian LEGO Fan Club
The male half of TheOtters couple; proud Ambassador of the Bulgarian LUG, Lebgo long-time regular on Eurobricks and contributor of Classic-Town.net. You can find our creations - the stuff built by moi & my signifact Otter (obviously, that's my girlfriend) - on flickr or in our Brickshelf corner.

If you're from around these parts - драсни ми някой ред; винаги се радвам да се запознавам с нови фенове на LEGO! And if the above looks like weirdly written gibberish to you - I'd be more than happy to meet you at some LEGO Event in some corner of the world and tell you all about the Bulgarian language over a beer or two, or more. My fav beer is Warsteiner, so... ;)
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