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Hi, My name is Thomas, I was born in 1971 and I live in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. I discovered Bricklink in 2004 and a new world of Lego was opening up for me! I finally had the chance to expand my already large collection of Legos with the exact parts I needed. After spending too much money I started my store Towerbricks a year later to cover the costs for my expensive hobby ;-) I really love highrises, and that's exactly what I am constructing with my Legos. (the one on my avatar picture is one of the first towers I built, it has 40 stories in minifig scale! Only the ceiling is the limit! ;-) Also I love the UCS Star Wars models and the Modular Building series. I have met lots of nice buyers and sellers here on Bricklink, all of them lego-enthusiasts like myself. I hope to spend many more years on this wonderful Lego-marketplace! Thanks for reading! Thomas
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