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Hello, Like a lot of people my age, i grew up with Lego, and for me it was Space in particular, with scify still being a big thing in the early 80's. After a brief stop of about 25 years i recently got my old toys from the attic, and after realizing i had a considerable chunck of the whole decade of Classic Space, Futuron, Blacktron and Space police, with the original packages ( yes i was one of those ) i decided to complete the collection by going for all the sets from 1979 to 1989. Needless to say i got a bit carried away, so now i've ended up with a little too much, it definitely doesn't fit the attic anymore. Bricklink has been a big help in chasing down parts i wanted to replace, and for all parts lost during my play years, and now i would like to contribute a bit back by selling all those sets and pieces that i definitely have too much of, inasmuch you can ever have too much. My shop carries items exclusively from the 1979 to 1989 space series ( hence the name Space Decade ) and spare items in all the colours from that series. so if space is your thing feel free to visit. With Kind regards, Wilco Leidelmeijer, Owner of Space Decade.
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