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My name is Al but everyone calls me Karate Al. I own AA Kenpo Karate in Strongsville, Ohio and I've been in business for 28 years! I've always loved Lego and I decided to have a Lego Day for all the kids at my studio just as something fun to do. Well, I bought ALOT of Lego from yardsales, Craigslist, friends, and Ebay. I believe I went a little overboard because I was having so much fun and ended up with a few extra pounds (about 110# extra!). I only needed about 50#'s for them to use and the rest I didn't even have to put out! What was I going to do with all this Lego?

Luckily, I stumbled onto Bricklink trying to figure out what to do and the rest is history. I opened up a Great Store called Studs & Tubes and it's been growing ever since. I have 2 employees that help me ship out Lego all over the world and hopefully we brighten up your day when you get that package of Lego from the mailman. Thanks to our Great Customers I get to keep buying more Lego all the time (Thank You for supporting my Lego habit, you're a bunch of Enablers! LOL). Don't worry though, the kids at the Studio only play with the one 50# designated container, not the Lego I ship out to you.

Question: I've been a teacher my whole life so is there anything I can do to help the Lego community? Tips on sorting, storing, or cleaning your Lego? What type of 'How To' or Instructional videos or PDF's would you like to see? Drop me an Email at AAKenpo@Gmail.com to let me know what you would like.


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