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JoomlaToys was born in MI, USA in early 2001 as a small web hosting company along with software development for the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). While creating universal modules and plugins for main components, our AFOL geeks thought, "if we can develop software to plug in to our main components, why not create useful modules which compliment various LEGO models?" Hmmm!

Today, we have a network of geeks and suppliers who feed our need to discover, play, test, play some more, test again ..... and share our ideas with the AFOL communities.

I am writing this in May of 2020 as we prepare to open our BrickLink store during a global pandemic which has tested the human limits and still continues to do so. The comforts found during times like this are far n few between. Fortunately for Earthlings we have LEGO to help keep our sanity.
Both of my Sons 7yrs and 22yrs are tech fans as well (not near the passion their 47yrs AFOL Dad has), and LEGO is our common ground, at least for the 7yr old, the 22yr old plays with circuit boards and solder while getting paid to do so (he's the geek who wants to program the toys we build) and has completed a good portion of a bachelor's degree program in Computer Information Systems.

We hope future generations continue to employ STEM / STEAM / DACTA in education to power the minds of all!

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