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Janey Red Brick

Yes, its a link, click it.

Yes the red brick on my shoulder is a REAL tattoo, and NO it's not a clone.
It has since been added to, one 2x2 green brick (for my youngest son) and one 2x2 blue brick (for my eldest son).

Lego was my favourite toy as a child and now its one of my favourite pastimes as an adult.

I collect anything from basic brick to pretty much anything in the creator/town/city/train/technic theme. I have been called a jack of all themes, master of none.
The town I have built was on permanent display for eight years, covering eight 15 feet long sections that surrounded my library/games room. Half of the building structures are Lego sets and the other half are MOCs. The track layout is just a simple extended loop with a few sidings to display trains. I have now, due to space restraints, packed up a good portion of my town, to display at various shows I attend.

My Home (above) by far, is my largest project to date. It is a version of the red brick home I once resided in. The finished model has one brick for each real brick on the actual home. This project was the one that lead me to Bricklink to source out as many red 2x4 bricks as I could afford (hence the nickname). As you can see, in addiction to the large version, there is also a minifig scaled version, and a micro version as well. This will not be my largest ever, as these red bricks have two other projects to fulfill in their life span, the full scale telephone box, and then my final resting box, yes, I do mean my casket (and no, this is not a joke!)

I have built a few other large scaled homes
As well as many micro
And "normal" minifig sized town
As you can see, I like to dabble in scale, but I also love to create...

Sculptures, Space... And so on...
So many ideas + so few bricks = YES, my feedback is just from buying!

Happy Building!
Love Janey
(aka Janey "Red Brick")

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