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Why Should you Buy a Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum?

Are you searching for a vacuum that can clean both hard floors and carpet and do a great job at picking up pet hair? You should end your search now because the Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356E S2 is the perfect choice for your cleaning needs. This model is easy to use and assemble, versatile, and comes with incredible suction power.

In addition, you can transform this price-friendly blue Shark vacuum into a portable canister cleaner, making it easy to clean stairs and ceilings. So let's find out why this Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum is at the top of our list.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Shark
  • Model: Shark navigator lift upright vacuum NV356E S2
  • Weight: 13.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.9 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches
  • Colour: White/Silver
  • HEPA filter: Yes
  • Anti Allergen Complete Seal: Yes
  • Power cord length: 30 feet
  • Hose length: 5 feet
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 2.2 dry quarts
  • Attachments: an 8-inch crevice tool, a dusting brush, a pet power brush


  • Powerful suction
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Large dust cup
  • Long power cord length
  • HEPA filter and anti-allergen complete sealing system
  • Swivel steering head
  • Brush roll-on/off switch
  • Useful accessories
  • Five-year limited warranty


  • Top-heavy, so it's easy to tip over.
  • Heavier than other Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuums.

With impressive suction power and a high-capacity dust cup with Lift-away portable pods, and with Shark navigator lift away reviews, it is the top choice among other middle-range vacuum models. Although the Shark NV356E is not a premium model, it outperformed many vacuum models in our cleaning tests.

This 2-in-1 vacuum allows you to use it as an upright vacuum and a hand vacuum with a detachable canister thanks to Lift-Away technology. You can switch the modes by pushing a button and lifting the pod away. We know many households that would use two types of vacuums, one upright vacuum for floor cleaning and a stick vacuum or handheld vacuum for quick clean-ups. Now, you won't have to purchase two vacuums anymore with the newly innovated NV356E S2.

Unlike traditional upright vacuums, this Shark navigator lift away cleaner is lightweight and easy to maneuver around different areas of your house. With a HEPA filter and complete seal technology that traps 99.9 percent of dangerous particles, this model is the best choice for people who have asthma and other respiratory conditions.

We have the opportunity to test this cleaner's suction power, and you won't believe how much dirt the NV356E can pick up. The Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum can tackle different types of mess on both hardwood floors and carpeted floors with ease.

Our favourite thing about the NV356E is that it can pick up hair effortlessly from all surfaces. There are a variety of attachments that make your cleaning jobs easier and enjoyable even. For example, the pet power tool allows you to get rid of pet hair on upholstery with ease. You can use the crevice tool to clean hard-to-reach areas and tight spots. The dusting brush makes it easier to clean your window sills, blinds, and ceilings.


We hope that our detailed Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum reviews gave you the information you needed. Let us know in the comment if there's anything else you might like to know about this reliable machine.

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