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Hi, I'm Aaron and I run this store with my 14yo son Abraham. While I do not remember my first set, I remember it was either a mid 1980's Classic Space, or Classic City. I still have many of my sets and have used Bricklink to help find the missing pieces from those beloved old sets.

Abraham loves Star Wars, Marvel, and Ninjago! He likes to buildand also is a collector from anything like City, all the way to Star Wars. Anyway, he runs the inventory, marketing, packing and finds the deals while I print labels and deal with the finances! Also check out Abraham's YouTube channel: Mr. Brick Archaeologist

Our whole family is very enthusiastic about LEGO and we just love to help other people enjoy it as much as we do :) We really find Bricklink to be an amazing resource and it helps us pretty much daily with our LEGO projects.

Thanks for stopping by!
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