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I am freight technician and I love Lego's but am not the creative type, I like to build sets and display them as Lego intended. My true passion is the sets from my childhood, which are the late 70's with Classic Space sets. My dream is to own and display the top 10 biggest Lego sets of all time. I currently have 3 of the top 5, or you could say 6 of the top 10. I also collect Lego Star Wars Sets, and have a hugh Minifigure collection. My wife also like to dabble in Lego a little bit and has every Lego Minifigure from the collectible series ( except Mr. Gold of course ) and also collects Lego Creator House series. My kids are just getting into Lego's and really like Star Wars right now. It is so fun to watch them build and create stuff. This Lego shop is definitely a hobby for me, I like to sort and organize things and there couldn't be a better hobby than playing with Lego's!! I made a commitment to myself that this is a hobby and both buyer and seller should be happy. I am not interested in a hobby where I am unhappy or I have unhappy buyers. Please ask me any question about any part, I am happy to provide an answer and pictures. Don't worry about having a very small order or an order with numerous small lots and/or low value. I am happy to fill anything you order. I want to provide you with the parts you need to complete your set or build. Purchase with confidence that my description is the same as advertised. I'm human (unfortunately) so I make mistakes, if you aren't happy or a part isn't what you expected, tell me, I will make it right. Later and happy building Don & family
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