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New Lego collector,and player of Lego games like Lego dimensions etc And sets mainly of Lego ideas, Lego city, Lego marvel, and Lego nexo knights but tbh I collect any I can get my hands on, my poor long suffering partner likes Lego but not quite like I do its getting a bit crowded and getting into my own creations. Aside from this I also enjoy ps4 gaming and collecting Transformers. I aldo enjoy many TV shows and movies of many types. And also like pop! Figures but just of some favorite character across media, I'm not a big Collector of those If your on PlayStation my user named is below just please say your from bricklink PSN username ; Greyfox-X And Instagram under; Dashall.Inari I'm 33 year old male very friendly so feel free to say hi.
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