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Hi! I am George and, together with my partner Inessa, running this little LEGO store. Started selling LEGO in the Netherlands in 2010. Back then the release of the 10214 Tower Bridge was the start of my second youth with LEGO. From that moment the Modulars and sculptures had my full attention. Although the Maersk train is one of my alltime favorite sets..... or at least in the top 50! :) Nowadays the actual building with LEGO has dropped dramaticly, sorting and counting parts on a daily basis makes that other hobby's (drinking beer and throw some darts, at the same time) need some attention as well :) Our kids, now 6 and 5, start to help out opening the new sets and sort the bags. My grandmother who lives with us helps out with sorting the parts. We wish you a fun time on and with Bricklink!
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