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I'm Guido and my love of lego starts when i was 2 years old. I got for my birthday my first lego car. After that moment i love the brick and it never stops. in 1993 it was my technical school period i build computer programmable kermis atrractions. I had the possibility to make special parts on school. So we can get extra motors in turning parts. Its so funny to see how our communication was in that time with Lego. We contact by phone or fax. Pictures of our work sending in a enveloppe to Lego that was the only way! The years after that time, my love for the brick is going on. A few years ago i made the decisioen to open a shop here, and that gives a lot off plessure. The last year we closed because we have a newe home and there was not much time. Now we are open again and make a restart. We make a total new store system to pick the orders faster. So be welcome Kind Regards Guido

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