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Hello, I'm Marcus Firegone, a LEGO Minifig. Read about me and my 6-wide 1-Minifig-seater LEGO Cars in my BLOG: "http://mfiregone.wordpress.com" and follow me on Twitter @MFiregone You could say that I'm famous for being featured in the song: Lean On. I actually started out as a Fireman in LEGO City 60002. I became a Race Car Driver for LEGO Team Octan and won two Le Mans cups with the LEGO City Race Car 60053. I like the LEGO Speed Champions but have been in search of the ultimate 6-wide 1-Minifig-seater ride. That is why I have created my own LEGO Sports Cars, the SuperGT Panther and Sparrow GT. I have many variations ... Coup, Targa, Spyder, Nomad, Rancharo and Monster. I've made a few creations on LEGO Ideas, please check them out ... LEGO Sports Car Collector Set (#150663) - Build 2 LEGO Sports Cars in 1 of 28 different configurations! and the LEGO Sports Car Garage (#144069) - LEGO Sports Car & Hoist.
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