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Hello and welcome to my "About Me' page!

We have been trading in LEGO for over 10 years as of now and what started out as selling a few of my duplicate sets and spares at a local Toy Fair to make a few quid while I waited patiently for my pay out from my impending redundacy, turned into a full time move!

Seeing other Adults with the same passion and love for the 'Highly Complex, Interlocking Brick System' as myself only served to feed me and all of a sudden it wasnt so geeky to be an 'Adult Fan of Lego' We still attend Toy Fairs within the UK and are more than happy to take orders to fairs to be picked up in person. Just drop us a message and we will see if we are coming near you!

We mainly try to stock items which we feel would be of interest to the more mature, MOC-er, Collector although you may find the odd bit of Friends or Princess find its way into the store (adults like the pastel colours too you know). My personal favourite is Technic and Star Wars (I am a 70's kid after all) but as long as it bears the Lego mark, you will usually find me all over it.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this and I hope we can be of some use to you, if not now, then in the future.

Big Kid Bricks

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