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Hi Des here

But the fork leaks mum!!,
Thought I better add a bit more, so here we go,

I may lose at Wii Mario Kart to Chick(actually, I lose to everyone on the Wii), but I can whoop ass her on the DS , the next 2 pic's are my College pic and a gif Chick found for me, thats such a likeness I had to add it

Lego like most people came into my life at a young age, my 5th Christmas present onward. I built up a fair collection which is now in the hands of my daughters.
Then there came the dark years, other interests(Nights out, the odd drink, ladies, computers and ladies,,,whoops did I say ladies twice, I like ladies ). Now I'm back into Lego, my theme is Technic. A bit of what I do is in the pictures and link below

my Brickshelf link

Best TV ad of all time

albeit the wife thinks this one is better

This is without question my favorite Technic car

A follower of the greatest football team in the world

Bye for now, Des signing out

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