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Hi my Name is David, Im 26 and from Germany... mhh, what else do I say?.

Well I'm just a simple man who's still kinda childish inside like many others. Thats why I still like Lego in general but especially Star Wars Lego. It was a very big part in my childhood and I can't get rid of it, like classic videogames and so on.

Unfortunately I sold almost all of my Lego Star Wars sets years ago which brought me a pretty huge amount of money, so far so good.
I was like: "well you're adult now and you aren't using it anyway, so at least make money out of it".

And in the end I regret it... like really bad. Especially because I had many of the very first sets from 1999 and the early 2000s complete with all parts, all manuals and all original packagings.

Now I registered to this site because I am (and was) silly, willing to spend way too much money on Lego sets I owned myself back in the day. But, after all...it's kind of a passion for me and as long as you have fun and you can afford it then it's fine in my opinion. A hobby can be anything and is an absolute subjective thing, so I will just quote a meme here: "Just Do It!".

That's all folks!.

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