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Hello, thank you for taking the time to read up about me. I started on Bricklink in 2003, when I took my childhood love for Lego and turned it into a serious hobby/business. 2003 was the start of Miniland Gardens. Although most of my rides are still in development, Miniland Gardens is still growing.

I started out in my college career studying engineering; specifically for the sole purpose of trying to work for Lego. I grew tired of writing code and 3D-drawing/rendering/animation due to the repetitive nature of the process. I developed my own CAD files for Lego, in opposition of LDraw, and developed my own unique pieces, such as my roller coaster tracks. Since my schoolwork infringes on copyrights, I am unable to post my earlier Lego animations.

School took me from Chicago to Wyoming, and then finally to Phoenix. When all was said and done, I finalized my studies on a pharmaceutical science (quite far from engineering). Odds & Ends has gone through several transitions during this time, but my life is a little more settled now, and I'm hoping to expand my shops offering.

My builds now focus exclusively on Miniland Gardens and modular city buildings. I would like to see Lego Creator produce more of their houses like sets 4954 Model Town House, 4956 House, and 5981 Apple Tree House.

I currently live in Avondale, AZ where I practice pharmacy. The vast majority of my collection is here in Arizona, with a few boxes back in Chicago. I have two sons who are young enough to destroy any models in 20 seconds flat, but look forward to sharing my hobby with them.

I'm hoping to update my brickshelf pictures soon to showcase my newer builds. Thanks for stopping by.

Between work, my children, and trying to maintain order in my Lego room, I stay quite busy, so please allow a little time if you message me. Questions, comments, and criticism always appreciated: email me at designer@stamped4you.com
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