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Hello LEGO-enthusiasts!

A hearty welcome to our shop! This is the right place where you’ll find some really nice parts and sets for a fair price to buy.

About us

We are a small community of three LEGO-loving people. Our names are André, Daniel and Christian and we mostly collect sets which are released in the 80’s (more or less -> from 1978 (minifigs started) till 1992 (tires offset tread got wide)). We’ve got a small layout in one of our cellars. But because it cannot be great enough to keep everything we have, we need to sell some spare parts and double sets here.

About our philosophy

Happiness is the most important thing for us while dealing with LEGO. We meet each other once a week to indulge our passion. In this shop we want to share the great memories of our childhood, which was deeply influenced by the beauty of LEGO. It was a great time to play with and still is (even though our wives have only little understanding).

We are proud to say we are Adult Fans Of LEGO!

We are non-profit oriented. We want to offer “good old” LEGO for a good price. Because of a great spare parts storage we can provide them quite low-priced. Please shop around and check it out!

About our service and about our LEGO parts and sets please read our store terms.

Our slogan is:

If you’re not happy with us, tell us, if you are happy, tell the others.

And now, please have a look and great fun with our shop.

Best regards and Happy Bricking!

The Brick-Brothers (André, Daniel & Christian)

*** Shop around for bargains! ***

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