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<html> <head> </head> <body text="#0000FF"> <p align="justify">My name is Pat, and I've been collecting (and partially destroying) LEGO since 1971. My first set that year had red wheels and gray tires, as in this set. I'm still not quite sure what the exact set was, however.

<p align="justify">Stuff I've built (MOCs) includes:
  • Monorail Station at the TexLUG Spring 2004 meet. Here's another shot. It had a parking garage, three business levels, a restaurant, a bank, and a penthouse. The monster truck in the street is also mine.
  • A class photo of all the minifigs I owned back in 2001. If the picture takes too long to load, you might try this alternative shot. Minifig collection has increased somewhat since then.
  • Classic Space (lots) although, oddly enough, I actually have very few photos of space stuff I've created. Here's a Moonbase Module I whipped up recently, however.

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