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Just a brick lover that got reacquainted with Lego after my little girl and son got old enough to get their first Lego sets.

Got me to go to the attic and find my own old stuff. Then started to make those old sets complete again and on to the next step of completing the series of mostly classic space. Finally I got those sets I always wanted during my childhood!

Whilst doing so I got more and more Lego stuff then I really need. So that is what got me started to sell off via BrickLink. It helps me to finance new purchases of the old stuff I'm into and it helps others to complete their sets.

As indicated I'm mostly interested in the early Classic space sets and any old sets I can remember from the old catalogs I used to look at. At least all well before the parts ID era.

Have fun playing with Lego and I hope you can help me one day to that specific Lego part I will be needing! See you at Bricks 'n more

Kind Regards,


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