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Hi there! My name is Stein, and I’m a model builder who have stumbled into the world of Lego and MOCs. I’ve built plastic models for over 25 years now - mainly panzers and airplanes. Used to love building Lego as a kid, but what I really always wanted when I was young was Star Wars Lego, but they didn’t come around before I was a “too-cool-for-Lego” teenager... But I caved in after a few years, after getting a job and bought myself a TIE fighter accompanied by a X-wing shortly after. And that was it really for my Lego days... Until SATURN V! Just had to have it! And when that was done, along came the 2017 UCS Millennium Falcon. Now they are both proudly displayed in my living room (Yes - I’m single... How did you know that?). I WAS saving up for the new UCS Star Destroyer, but then internet came along and showed me a side-by-side comparison of the UCS IDS and a MOC IDS by onecase, and I knew the UCS ISD was ruined for me... And this is me now. Saving up part by part for my insanity trophy, which will be displayed proudly in my living room together with all of my other stuff. Luckily my kids know not to touch my stuff 😂
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