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Hi there, my name is Erwin from the sunny island of Singapore. I first started playing with LEGO sets when I was about 5 yrs old. My late mother bought for me a town set #6370 which was really cool as it came with a cute little red bicycle. From then on, it was me and my LEGO world. I spent countless hours playing with my LEGO sets in my playroom. I still remember fondly of my castle set #6061 "Siege Tower". I would dump all my LEGO sets into a toy tub. I built animals, houses and just about anything I could imagine with my LEGO bricks. But then, I sort of entered a "Dark Age" for LEGO during my teenage years.

In 2003, a store was having a sale. They were clearing old stocks of the LEGO Knight's Kingdom set #6098 "King Leo's castle". I thought it was a good deal. Buying that set, sort of rekindled my interest in LEGO. So I did a search on the net to see if I could still find those old castle sets from the late 80's to the early 90's. I found BrickLink and a spending spree started.
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