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Hi There!

My name is Anthony. I live in a town called Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom. I don't really know what to say about me but here goes... I have 2 Mice, 1 Hamster and 2 Guinea Pigs! These little pets mean the world to me so they seem worthy of a mention. Bricklink, eBay and my own website is my job. Its a job I enjoy. So what made me try and start my own online business. Well, probably my disabilities. I am disabled enough that finding work would be near impossible. Running my own business allows me to do it all from the comfort of my home, then all I need to do is drive to post office once a day. Plus of course, I enjoy it and its great to incorporate Lego into my "work". :)

As well as selling Lego I am also quite into it myself. I have a large city layout and have collected quite a few of the city sets. I also like building sci-fi ships from Star Trek and Stargate. I have a number of small projects on the go however am just too busy to really get on with them at the moment.

I started my business in February 2013. I sell Lego on Bricklink. I also sell Lego, video games, ipod cases and clothing on eBay. I do also run a small website selling a few bits and bobs. I am a registered business in the UK with HMRC. I aim to keep expanding my bricklink store until it becomes one of the biggest in the UK. Of course looking at it now that seems really daunting, however with time and lets face it... Money, I can do it! I am currently sorting through 30KG of lego that needs listing on bricklink. I am also in the process of inventorying many rare and expensive sets that will be added to the store when their done. So thats me, if you have any questions about me or my store you are more than welcome to contact me. Anthony
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