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Hello everybody! i am Jorge Tremont, 6´5" Venezuelan-Estonian, was born Jan 11 1968 in Maracaibo-Zulia, i used to live in Tampa-Florida, but now i am in Venezuela where i actually live and work at the Universidad de Los Andes in Merida as a Professor, the subjects i teach are Descriptive Geometry I, II and III for Ingeneering and Architecture students. I really like the Lego toys since i was a child (played with them) but since 1987 i collect those amazing Lego sets very seriously (as you read i wont call them Toys anymore!!). I love Technic, Factory, Homemakers, vintage Legoland, Rare Sculptures, UCS StarWars, Creator, Arquitecture, City, Classic Space and very very rare vintage HO 1:87 parts and sets, which i make nice Urban Planning with these last ones, bcoz of the trees, cars, bikes, motorcycles, policemen, traffic lights, posts, signs, houses, buildings and the rare folded hard cardboard baseplates with streets, etc. My other passions are the music and some TV series, i die for the 12" mixes from the 80s: Hall & Oates, Cindy Lauper, Kim Wilde, Thompson Twins, Midnight oil, The Lightning seeds, PSB, OMD, also music from the 90s as Sugar, Juliana Hatfield, Pixies, Frank Black, One Dove and Tom Petty among several others. I love the British ones, even these days music from Oasis, Alison Dot, Goldfrapp, Skins soundtrack (i really die for the Skins TV series on E4, Tony, Sid, Michelle, Jal, Chris, Angela-teacher, Maxxie, Anwar, Cassie, Kenneth, and all the rest of the seasons 2 & 3) etc. I can write speak English (kinda UK accent sometimes, but most kinda from any other European Country such as Austria, etc, i laugh at myself when i speak like Arnold Schwarzennegger), a lot of Spanish, little bit of French, and Estonian. Cheers!:)
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