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    WELCOME to Missing Brick!!! A fun store I run in my spare time as a private seller to fund my LEGO hobby!!

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    LOT LIMITS: Because my time to run this store is limited please Do NOT order more than 50 unique lots (note, 100 of the same brick is only 1 lot), unless your order total is over $2 per lot on average (so for example if you order 62 lots, you order total needs to be $124 or more). Orders not complying to these limits will be accepted but charged a $0.25 for each lot exceeding the 50 lot limit.

    DISCOUNTS: I do not give discounts, please do not ask for discounts, I will ignore requests for discounts. All prices are as listed.

    Once an order is shipped and in the hands of USPS, I am not responsible for loss/damages. By placing an order, you, the Buyer, agrees to take on the risk of damage or loss. So far, only 3 in over 30000 orders got lost/damaged, and in these cases, I worked something out with the buyers out of kindness. If you use a paypal chargeback or inquiry, I will fight your claim, ban you from my store, and publicly post that you filed a chargeback, so you will be likely banned from many other stores. If you do not want to assume that risk, you either should not order, or pay extra for tracking, which can be very expensive for international orders

    I have several items listed in very large quantities, these are mostly from pick-a-brick and similar venues, and the bulk storage, and increased handling, may sometimes result in more-than-normal storage marks.

    When a minor part of your order is not available, or not available in the condition described, I will reimburse you for that part of the order. When a major part of the order is not available, I will contact you to work something out. If there is a mistake or shortage in the order when you receive it, please let me know within 2 weeks of receipt so I can make it right.

    I cannot guarantee that sealed sets or sealed gear is complete, or in working order in case of games, watches, etc. I can only guarantee it is sealed and new. I cannot control color consistency of the product LEGO sells. Sealed sets may have price stickers.

    Most importantly, I am a hobby seller/buyer, and I sell my spare parts here for fun and to fund building my own creations. Check my feedback and you'll see what kind of service to expect!

    Payment is due within 7 days after you get the invoice. If not paid on time, I will send you 1 friendly reminder. If not paid in an additional week, I will file NPB. I leave negative feedback if I have to complete the NPB, no exceptions.

    I do not send paypal links, so if you do not have a regular paypal account to make payments from, you should pay by check or Money Order.

    Most my sets are stored in my warehouse. I will not send pictures of parts or sets, please do not ask. Look at my feedback to get a general idea of the quality, only very few complains for over 30000 orders.

    I will only cancel orders for reasons BL indicates, no exceptions. I do not accept removal of items from an order. I will not accept returns.

    Order additions are welcome, but must be placed within 7 days of the original order. Once an order is paid, please do not make additions. The lot limit of 50 applies to the entire order, lots exceeding 50 different lots may be assessed a lot overcharge fee if the total of the order is below $100.

    Order is a BINDING CONTRACT, no exceptions!!

    For large international orders (>$400) from low FB members (<20 positive PB), I may refuse payment via paypal and require a money order or certified check.

     Store Shipping Policy:

    I use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for shipping services. Unless otherwise noted, I will chose the cheapest method. I charge actual USPS postage costs plus up to (but never more) $1 for materials. I will invoice based on weight, and add the weight for packing (bubble mailer or box), and use the rates. Small orders ship in bubble-lined envelops, larger orders in boxes. As I try to serve you as good and quickly as possible, I will send you an invoice with estimated postage costs. If my estimate (based on BL information on weight and my experience) is more than $1 and more than 10% too high, I will refund the difference. If my estimate was too low, I will pay for the extra charges! My feedback speaks for itself.

    I will only provide tracking numbers if item was shipped over 2 weeks ago and has still not arrived. Request for tracking numbers, other than for above reason, will generally be ignored.

    I ship almost daily, and 99% of the orders ship within 48 hours of payment. I sell excess bricks and sets as a hobby, and thus have limited time to go stand in line at the post office. If your order requires special handling, such as insurance or tracking, shipping may be delayed by a few days. I do not ship overnight.

    I charge at least $2.50 to insure an order, it may cause delays in processing. Insurance on small orders is thus discouraged, in fact, only 3 of 25000+ orders from my store were lost, and those were small international orders. On very large orders, I generally take out insurance at no cost to the buyer. Note, international orders can only be insured when send with priority mail, so if you request insurance on international orders and also request first class mail, I'll quote you uninsured mail

    I am NOT responsible for lost orders. You, the buyer, agree to NOT place a paypal claim in case the oder gets lost. If you file a paypal chargeback, you violated my terms and I may very well chose to publically post in the forum that you cannot be trusted and that you violated my store terms, which may result in significant stoplisting by other sellers. I will also file NPB, and will also leave negative feedback, and may file legal charges for breaking the contract if paypal takes the money back. If you do not accept the very, very, small risk that your order gets lost, (so far only 2 in 28000) you MUST buy insurance.

    Note, I prefer not to ship to any address other than the one on file on Bricklink. If you insist your order is shipped to a third party, I reserve the right to impose an additional $10-$20 handling charge to cover my risks/effort, or refuse the order because of this reason. By asking me to drop-ship (send to a third party), you will agree by these terms and pay the $10-$20 handling charge, if levied.

    Insurance for international orders is only available with priority mail. If you want insurance, you MUST select priority mail (typically will cost $38 or more). If you ask for insurance and select first class mail, I will have to ignore the request for insurance, and will quote first class mail. There is NO FULL TRACKING on international orders via first class, request for tracking numbers will be ignored.

     Payment Accepted in Currencies:
  • US Dollar
  • Store prices are in US Dollar (USD)

     Payment Methods Accepted for Buyers In USA:
  • Cash (no COD)
  • Cashiers Check
  • Money Order
  • Personal Check
  • USPS Money Order
  •  Payment Methods Accepted for Buyers Outside of USA:
  • Cash (no COD)
  • Cashiers Check
  • Money Order
  •  Shipping Methods Available to Buyers In USA:
  • First Class
    Cheapest option, and suitable for most orders, shipping takes 3-5 days in the USA, and ~1-2 weeks anywhere else.
  • Priority Mail
    It is expensive for small international orders shipped priority, takes 2-3 days in USA, 3-7 days anywhere else.
  •  Shipping Methods Available to Buyers Outside of USA:
  • First Class
    Cheapest option, and suitable for most orders, shipping takes 3-5 days in the USA, and ~1-2 weeks anywhere else.
  • Priority Mail
    It is expensive for small international orders shipped priority, takes 2-3 days in USA, 3-7 days anywhere else.
  •  Minimum Buy:
    US $10.00